Copper Weights

• Contact Gorilla Circuits Engineering if you require materials with copper weights greater than 4 oz’s

Board Thickness

• Allowable Board Thickness Range: 0.010” – 0.330”
o Engineering approval required for board thickness out of approved range.

Soldermask Capabilities

• Soldermask Minimum Webbing and Clearance Capabilities
(a) Other colors default to maximum web and dam in this table. (b) Minimum Soldermask Clearance Edge to Copper (c) Gorilla Circuits is unable to guarantee the (white) pigment retention of its White Soldermask when exclusively paired with ENIG. Soldermask may discolor into a pinkish/purple. This discoloration is purely aesthetic and does not affect the integrity of the Soldermask or PCB.

Legend Capabilities

Legend Dimension Capabilities

Traces and Geometry

• Etch Compensation factor is the difference in plotted trace width and the finished trace width after it has been etched • Geometry factor is used to correctly model the shaped of the traced once it has been etched