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PCB Fabrication

Gorilla Wrap

Our engineering team has developed a revolutionary wrap plating process that produces excellent via reliability. These via structures pass 500 cycles with zero change in resistance.

Registration Perfected

In combination of our pin-less lamination system and x-ray process, Gorilla is capable of layer-to-layer registration less than .0007”. Registration is the most critical aspect of building high layer multi-site .3mm boards. Our precise optical lay-up, alignment and welding of multilayers eliminates the added tolerances associated with pin lamination.

75:1 Aspect Ratio with Sintering... Bench Marked

Through Gorilla’s proprietary Sintering process, our engineers are able to connect small vias through thick boards. In this example, we have a .35mm pitch with a .004” drill through a .300” thick board, using 3 transition layers.

Laser Vias

Gorilla’s arsenal consists of the latest state-of-the-art Dual UV/CO2 Hitachi drilling system. This drill paired with our proprietary Gorilla wrap plating process, defines a new level of capability and reliability in the industry.

  1. UV Laser: Removes Cu from panel surface
  2. CO2 Laser: Removes laminate material in the blind hold and is then impeded by the target layer.
  3. UV Clean: This UV Clean shot removes in laminate residue left behind from the CO2 laser process and provides a shiny and rough surface on the target pad that improves adhesion.


Positive etch-back requires that the via copper plating wrap around all three sides of the interconnect. The two point connection guarantees a wrap connection to the top and side or bottom and side of the interconnect.

One point and Two point connection:

Seamless Prototype to Production

A majority of PCB fabrication takes place on site at our facilities in San Jose, CA. For over 15 years we have worked with a high volume business partner with Taiwan based New Asia Circuits (NAC).

Gorilla is the exclusive Sales, Engineering, and Field Quality support for NAC in North America and Europe.

Let’s Build Something Incredible!