PCB Design

Finished Printed Circuit Board
PCB Design

Design Team


Our Design Managers and Program Managers are based in San Jose, California. Application Engineers available for project management. Each Engineer has layout experience of 15+ years.

We are ISO and ITAR Certified.


We have 22 member team in Bangalore that support US design operations for maximum output.

PCB Design

Customer Service

24/6 Design Cycle

We support our customers for quick turn around times with day shift in US and two shifts in India.


Customer interaction using GoToMeeting for an interactive schematic, layout, and simulation review of your PCB Design.


Engineers available for on-site customer support if required. Our PCB Design team is available for support at any stage of the design.

  • Schematic Capture tools: OrCAD, and Concept HDL
  • Design tools: Cadence Allegro 16.6, 17.2, 17.4. 
  • SI/PI Simulation Tools: ADS and HyperLynx

PCB Design at
Gorilla Circuits

Gorilla’s design experience includes semiconductor test, wafer sort/probe, HDI computer cards, backplanes, evaluation, commercial, and characterization boards. Our on site PCB Design team has a first-hand understanding of our factory’s DFM rules and guidelines. This helps to expedite the design-to-manufacturing cycle with the focus on internal communication.

Let’s Build Something Incredible!

Services Offered

  • Circuit Development
  • Schematic Capture (OrCAD CIS Capture, DxDesigner, Altium)
  • Component footprint library development and maintenance
  • PCB Layout (Allegro, PADS, Expedition, Altium)
  • SI/PI Simulations (S parameter extraction, TDR plots, PDN plots, IR drops)
PCB Design

Our Capabilities

  • Analog / Mixed Signal / High Speed
  • Digital / RF / Microwave
  • Signal Integrity / Cross talk analysis
  • Fine Pitch BGA: Multi-site .3MM & .4MM pitch BGA’s
  • Micro Via / Blind & Buried Vias
  • HDI Constructions
  • Critical Controlled Impedance
  • Experience across several Tester platforms: T2K, V93K, Integra/Micro/Ultra flex, J750, J900 series, ETS, Fusion, Delta Master, Fusion HFI, Quartet, Sapphire, Vistalogic, VistaVision
  • High Speed Designs up to 106Gbps

In-House Design

Our internal design team has a direct line of communication with our Fab Process Engineers who have the best and latest knowledge of our facilities DFM rules. Our Design function plays a key role in making the most challenging technologies manufacturable. Expedites design-to-manufacturing cycle with the focus on internal communication.

Lead Time

Our available 24/6 operations for Fabrication and Assembly supplements our design cycles to support critical lead time requirements.


Eliminates markups on Design, Fab, Parts, Assembly & Test. We do not broker.