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Gorilla Circuits review from Hunter Scott's book "Designing Electronics that Work"
Recognition for Superior PCB Assembly

Endorsement by Industry Expert

Gorilla Circuits is honored to receive accolades from esteemed electronics expert Hunter Scott, who praised our business as one of the best assemblers he’s ever worked with. His endorsement underscores our dedication to excellence and precision in PCB assembly. We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to delivering top-notch quality and reliability in every project.

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Customer Reviews

“Those power dist boards that just arrived look all the stuff you guys do..”

– Electrical Engineer, Defense and Space Manufacturing 

“Thanks for getting that information me to, even late at night.  I also wanted to thank you and the rest of the Gorilla Circuits team for how smooth and efficient the process was.  You all really paid a lot of attention to detail and asked good questions before moving forward to make sure we got what we needed. Thank you again for a fast and smooth process.”

– CTIO and Owner, An Engineering Technology Company

“Got the quote and will be ordering soon.  I have to say that I’m impressed with the service you guys provide.  It’s one of the fastest turns on boards I’ve seen, and especially fast on quotes.  For what we do, this is deeply appreciated.  Thanks again.”

– Energy and Environment Directorate, US National Laboratory 

“Hey Chris!! You and your team have amazing communication. I have not seen that in a long time. It helps me make a decision quickly and gives me more confidence. Thank you for your help. “

-A Space Robotics Startup

“You all are amazing!  I wasn’t expecting them (PCB order – partial shipment) to be on the dock already.  I will follow up on the remainder toward the end of next month.”

-Operations Manager at LaserLinc

“Thank you SO MUCH to Gorilla for the amazing job getting these boards done and shipped on time!  Truly great job in such difficult time.  Please note, this effort has not gone unnoticed and I have made sure to elevate this great effort up through upper management highlighting the excellent work done by Gorilla.”

-Lead Subcontracts, A Communications Solutions Company

“We received the boards this afternoon and have completed our once over testing – so far everything is working as we had hoped. Huge kudos to the team at Gorilla Circuits and…for pulling this together and hitting the dates. Everyone knocked it out of the park.”

-Electrical Engineer,  a Wind and Solar Resource Measurement and Intelligence Company

“We’ve partnered with Mark Anselmi and the team at Gorilla Circuits for over a decade. They are good people doing good work.”

-Device Solutions, Inc.

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The Gorilla Advantage

“I’m very impressed with your board quality, cleanliness of assembly, and speed of rework.  I’m looking forward to our next order!”

– Electrical Engineer, Spaceflight Technology Development

“I used Gorilla Circuits to have complex PCBAs made back when I still did Electrical Engineering. Excellent service, highly recommended.” (From LinkedIn)

– Caleb Chamberlain, CEO at OSH Cut

“Thank you!  I am impressed by the expedited timeline.  I look forward to receiving the parts.”

-VP of Operations, Flight Simulation Training Devices

“You guys have been super great to work with, and we will be repeat customers for sure.”

-Engineer, A Robotics & Automation Company

“The cards were delivered … we were able to check functionality of one of them last week. I’m happy to report that it worked well – we were able to get passing results with good margins (> 25 MHz) on good units… I just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ to everyone for partnering with us on this to enable this new FA capability with this probe card!”

-Failure Analysis Engineer, American Semiconductor Company

“Thank you… and the Gorilla Team for getting these units out to support our operations! You have been great partners for us and I appreciate all the support.”

-Coordinator, an American Multinational Technology Company

“You guys are killing it. Well done. Much appreciated!!!!”

-Material Program Manager, an Electric Vehicle Charging customer

“I wanted to let you know that we’re very happy with the fast quote, consistent with your promise.  We’re also very pleased with the assemblies themselves, and the on-time delivery.  We’ve done testing, and the assemblies are fantastic.  We have some design issues, but that’s of course on me. We will have the next design ready to send over your way soon(ish). Thanks again to you, Brett, Kellie, Hillary, and the rest of your team for another great job.”

-Engineer, Company that designs and manufactures high-quality data acquisition systems and sensors for quantifying structural, geotechnical, and environmental parameters

PCB Consistency and Excellence

Quality Assurance

“Thanks for shipping the boards earlier than committed schedule…”

-Project Manager, Semiconductor Company

“People were complaining about the cost of Gorilla so I went and got quotes from 3 other vendors. Well three days later I finally received their quotes back all within about $1,500 of each other and 15-25 day turn times. Gorilla is by far the quickest and easiest to work with and is in the middle of the road for pricing.”

-Senior Electronics Design Engineer, Product Design and Development Firm

“Just letting you know we got the PCBA’s in the mail today and everything looks great! Thank you very much for sending them over.”

-Hardware Development Engineer, an American Multinational Technology Company

“Thank you! I really appreciate all your help and attention to detail. It has been wonderful to work with all of you!”

– Operations Manager, a Tactile Robotics Company

“I am impressed – you definitely turned this quote around very fast and accurately! “

-Engineer, a Technology Solutions Company

“Appreciate the quick update and crew [working FAB] over the weekend, looking forward to seeing the progress on this one!”

-Commodity Manager, a Environmental Remediation Data & Imaging Company

“Thanks for staying on top of our orders…”

– Global Supply Manager, Autonomous Vehicle Technology

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